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Table of Contents.

  1. Political Activism
  2. Intrigue in Alaska
  3. Selected Case Materials
  4. Due Process Violations

Article: Rudy Davis. FBI Informant Kidnaps Family [1 on Medical Kidnap] [2 backup]

Articles: US Observer.:

Ron Lee. Federal Framing Of Schaeffer Cox. [1]

Kelly Stone. Federal Set-Up – The Conspiracy to Entrap Schaeffer Cox [2]

Ron Lee. Enemy of the State – The Continuing Schaeffer Cox Story [3]

Schaeffer Cox Not Guilty of Solicitation! [4]

Schaeffer Cox. Schaeffer: Deification of Government [5]

Political Activism

*Won 36% of vote in District 7 (Fairbanks) Alaskan State House primary [1].

*Second Amendment Task Force, signed Declaration petition with US Representative Don Young [1], support for Alaska’s Second Amendment Protection Act bill.

*Advocating Ron Paul influenced platform for Alaskan GOP in State Convention.

Intrigue in Alaska

*Oceanview House. Convicted sex trafficker Josef Boehm’s house on Ocean View Dr. was reportedly used by pedophiles with connections to the court system. *Josef Boehm, in a bizarre case, was forced to sell his Alaskan chain store without a signature. *Ted Stevens Bribery-related Conviction Thrown Out. Judge Emmet Sullivan orders a Schuelke Report on this corruption. *US assistant attorney Nicholas Marsh, supposedly hangs himself. Marsh was a leading attorney in Operation Polar Pen investigating and prosecuting people such as US Senator Ted Stevens. *Ted Stevens Died in Plane Crash. *Mike Kelly Died in Plane Crash. Had run in Republican primary against Schaeffer Cox. *Hale Boggs Died in Plane Crash. Reportedly doubted the JFK single bullet theory. *Redistricting / Gerrymandering *Joe Miller’s Campaign Sabotaged [1] by FBI Informant Bill Fulton making false arrest of reporter Tony Hopfinger. Fulton was paid to help entrap and testify against Schaeffer Cox. Joe Miller [here]: “This is the second U.S. Senate race in Alaska that the FBI has had some involvement in […] it’s conceptually troubling to me that you have a paid informant working on multiple campaigns answering to the FBI.”

Selected Case Materials

[under construction]


Due Process Analysis in Schaeffer Cox Case

Jacob Shreffler

Some major breaches of due process in USA v Francis Schaeffer Cox:

  1. Search warrant issued by federal magistrate instead of Article III judge in violation of the US Constitution. (Parallels fugitive slave act abuses concerning federal magistrate system.)
  2. Entrapment Jury Instruction inadequate. Ninth Circuit appeal brief for Cox: jury instructions lacked standard entrapment instruction.
  3. Self-Defense Jury Instruction inadequate. Ninth Circuit appeal brief argues that “Court erred by not informing the Jury that the Government had the burden of proof on self-defense”.
  4. Jury Instructions and Charges fail to consider that rubber pellets are non-lethal.
  5. Murder Conspiracy charge not introduced until fourth federal indictment, 10 months into the pretrial. That’s right. 4 grand juries were not considered a violation of Double Jeopardy.
  6. Indictments very likely were NOT returned to a judge in open court as is mandatory in fundamental common law, a practice which has been unlawfully tolerated in precedent as a “harmless error”. Compare Dwight Brown 2 (dismissing indictment for minor non-openness) to
    Lennick 3 (tolerating return to clerk as harmless citing a precedent from non-common law Guam).
  7. Failure of US courts to allow defendant option to suppress illegally made informant recording as per privacy clause of Alaska Constitution. (A law which resulted in charges being dropped in the related case in an Alaska state court. Alaska is supposedly overridden by PATRIOT Act.)
  8. Exculpatory portions of the same recording of a single meeting held inadmissible as evidence due to being mislabeled “hearsay” in violation of the law of evidence for completeness doctrine.
    Trial Transcript Day 11 May 23 rd : Prosecutor: “When it goes into statements of the defendants, it’s inadmissible hearsay. […] as far as Mr. Cox or the other defendants speaking, it’s inadmissible. [… to p79] we would ask if he’s got control of the keyboard and the mouse that when it gets to a defendant’s words that the statement stop, in light of your ruling.”
  9. Targets of alleged conspiracy unspecified in indictment as per Patriot Act.
  10. Targets of alleged conspiracy are actually imaginary unspecified agents made up by undercover
  11. Alleged conspiracy would have at worst been contingent upon unlikely government collapse and lawlessness and which may have occurred at any time in the indefinite infinite future and even then only upon the unlikely event of apocalyptic government collapse and lawlessness.
  12. Freedom of speech not respected.
  13. Brought in inappropriate venue, Anchorage, instead of the US Courthouse in Fairbanks.
  14. Gun possession charges violate Second Amendment and exceed scope of interstate commerce clause.
    (Even though by current precedent some of these violations are no longer considered viable grounds for apppeal, I mention them out of respect for the state and federal constitutions, which I don’t believe were intended to be monopolized by the federal judiciary.)