Narco Pervs

Narco Pervs – Where are Schaeffer’s Supporters?

A letter by F. Schaeffer Cox.

…if they could take down a squeaky clean boy
scout like me, nobody is safe.
You really need to understand the criminal
environment in Alaska that gives rise to this Mafia
situation. First of all, Alaska is absolutely remote.
There is one 2000 mile long dirt road into Alaska.
Very little comes in on that road. And what does,
gets checked twice by Canada. Everything else must
come in through airports or sea ports that the Drug
Cops fully control. So that means drugs are hard for
non-law enforcement people to get into the state.
Which means the price is three times the normal
price you’d pay in the Lower-48. Then on top of
that, everyone in Alaska is super wealthy. So they
can pay the high prices. You have all the oil workers,
the miners, the fisherman, and the construction
contractors for remote military projects. They are
all single guys who work two weeks on, two weeks

off. When they come to town for their two weeks
off, they want to buy drugs and party. Then they go
back out. And they all get paid several thousand a
There are only two towns in Alaska: Anchorage,
and Fairbanks. The rest is just empty wilderness
that is accessible only by helicopter or bush plane.
There aren’t any roads. So you have two towns with
one way in or out, full of super rich working single
guys who will pay any price for drugs. It is probably
the best retail market for drugs in the world. The
Drug Task Force brings in and sells everything but
the weed. (Weed is grown locally by thousands of
people.) They bust their competitors, not their
customers or distributors. This is a multi billion
dollar industry that is surpassed only by oil and gas.
It beats all mining, fishing, and construction by a
long shot. So they have a large steak in protecting
their lucrative racket.
But how do a bunch of cocky alpha male drug

cops get a bunch of slimy, envious nerd bureaucrats
to not snitch them out? They need a certain type
that they know they can control — the pathetic perv
who wants to feel powerful so bad that he will
sexually abuse a child just to see the kid tremble in
Rural Alaska is dotted with Native villages full of
drunk Eskimos who don’t seem to notice too much
if the state takes a child away from them. This made
Alaska a ripe target for child molesters. The Catholic
Church was sending their incurable kid-diddler-
priests to Alaska to get rid of them. It was systemic
and the pervs were going hog wild here sexually
abusing hundreds of Native kids from broken homes
that had become wards of the state. The church got
in big trouble when the kids grew up and started
telling. People went to prison, huge civil
settlements were paid, and the church was forced
to clean house. But it wasn’t just the Catholic
Church in on it. It was pervs within government
bureaucracies too. But the government pervs were

able to stop the accountability epidemic from
spreading to them. So stopping the church from
molesting kids just meant more kids for the
government bureaucrats to molest!
This whole child sex abuse makes no sense to a
normal healthy man like you or me who is attracted
to smokn’ hot women. But it’s not about an erotic
attraction for these pervs. They aren’t drawn to a
prepubescent child the way a man is drawn to a
beautiful woman. For these pervs, it’s about getting
a feeling power relative to the kid they are sexually
abusing. The perv is getting off on their own feeling
of power, NOT THE KID. The kid they are abusing is
just a weak victim to facilitate the dark ritual of self-
worship and reveling in ones own power.
This is pretty sick, right? Well, the same
personality type that gets off on being a
government bureaucrat and feeling powerful over
the people they fine and boss around, is the same
personality type that gets off on sexually

dominating a helpless child. It’s Baphomet. And it’s
in every culture as far back as we have records.
If you want to control a meth-whore, just feed
her meth habit. As long as you are her source of
dope, she will do anything you tell her to do. And if
she gives you any trouble, just cut her dope off for a
few days and she will come crawling back saying
she’s sorry. It works the same way with cho-mo [child molester]
bureaucrats who are addicted to molesting helpless
kids. If you supply them with the “pets” to play
with, you have full control of them. They are as easy
to control as a meth-whore. Actually, probably
easier, since they talk back less. And child molesters
have zero self-respect to begin with, so a little
bullying puts them right in their place.
Now think about how Cops turn people into
informants. They just dress like a dope dealer, go
sell the addict some drugs, then flash their badge
and tell them they can either go to prison for
decades, or work as an informant. The drug addict

always says agrees to work for the cops. Now the
cop who just rolled them is their new “handler.”
The drug cops just run the same play on child
molesters and then boss around the cho-mo’s
whole life. They say “you want to ‘play with a new
pet?’ Just meet me in the Wet Willies Carwash at
7am. Text me when you get there.” Then the drug
cop gets in the car with the unsuspecting perv while
the bubbles are all over the car and records the guy
talking about how he wants to take the “pet” (i.e.
child) home for a few hours and have his way with
him. The cop then plays the pervs words back to
him and watches him turn ten shades of pale before
making him an offer that sounds pretty nice. “We
will not go to a grand jury with this recording, we
will pay you $2500 a month in tax free cash under
the table, we will tell the Ocean View play house to
let you in any time you want to visit the pets, and
we will make sure you are safe from any other legal
troubles for as long as you work for us. All you have
to do is shut down any cases we ask you to, promise

to not mess with any pets except the ones we
provide for you, and promise to do any other things
we need you to to keep us in a position where we
can continue making enough money to afford to
pay you and keep enough power to be able to make
sure you don’t end up having to try to explain your
“tastes.” “Help us help you,” the drug cops say. But
they warn the perv that if they ever cross their new
master, they will out them and send them to prison
for LIFE!!!
Then, if the perv they just rolled is a prosecutor
(which is very common) they tell them their first
task is to put a criminal investigation on this guy
over here who is on the Judicial Council and get rid
of him. So the Judicial Council guy resigns. Then
they go to their other pocket-perv and tell him to
get on the Judicial Council.
In Alaska, the governor can’t just appoint
whoever they want to be a state judge. They can
only appoint people who are nominated to them by

the Judicial Council. The Judicial Council is made
up of two lawyers and one non-lawyer. So with
three people, you can control all judgeships in
Alaska! With the Judicial Council stacked with perv
gatekeepers, the Drug Cops go out and get
whatever child molester they have ready to work,
and tell them to apply for a judgeship. Now you
have the Judicial Counsel giving only an assortment
of pocket-pervs to the governor to nominate. You
can literally get a judge who’s ONLY qualification is
that they like molesting kids.
The Drug Cops are sly and aggressive soldiers of
fortune. And they have done a very good job of
loading the system with lame beat down perv losers
they can control. And on top of getting to play with
the pets, the lames get a vicarious power-trip out of
feeling like they are part of the gang with the alpha
male drug cops.
This is how it works in real life. It’s heart breaking
and infuriating at the same time. But it’s a reality

we must face. This is how Alaska has been run since
the late 70s! Just think how easy it is to spread your
network after you get a few key posts filled with
reliable pervs. It just gets easier and easier as they
go, until they have the whole state under their total
control. That’s where it was when I was there.
It got so bad that everyone knew it and there
was nothing anyone could do. Because no mater
where you took a complaint, there was someone
there to shut you down and protect the child
molesters and drug dealing drug cops who put the
whole system together to protect the narco
I knew of a police-chief who crossed the pervs,
they sodomized and murdered his son. He was not
so bold after that. His daughter did some honest
things and got run off as well. A friend of mine had
her son murdered by one of the drug cops
distributors. The whole thing was on camera. But
the investigation went nowhere because the

murderer was part of the drug cop/ perv alliance.
Finally after enough public blowback, some state
prosecutors and police are trying to go after some
of these people. But Bottini has shut it all down.
Back when I was out, NOBODY would dare speak a
word about it. I was about the only one! And it cost
me my life.
I explained all this to explain how this narco-perv
society is holding the whole state government and
all the people hostage. People are rightfully scared
to support me openly. But I do get support. How do
you think I raised all that money? I have TONS of
support, just below the surface.
Maria Rensel was one of my Alaskan supporters.
But then they got to her. At least that’s what it
looks like happened. She was doing real good. She
was helping me in amazing ways. Then she got
arrested. She wouldn’t elaborate on it and after
that arrest she got real sketchy. I think that they

flipped her when they arrested her. That’s why they
let her go so fast. So she could work for them. She
started lying to me about what she was doing. She
started redacting the names of informants out of
my public letters behind my back. She started
blocking me from my own funds. Then when I called
her out on it, she cut off all communication and
disappeared with my defense fund. The
confirmation that she was working for The Dark
Side came when I tried to replace her and the
Counter Terrorism Unit told me I had to leave Maria
in charge of my defense fund, and that if I tried to
put anyone else in charge I would get major
sanctions and they would cut off all my
I took my losses of course.
So this is the context in which you ask where all
my supporters are? They are in an underground war
for their country, their livelihood, and their life.
They haven’t forgotten me. They are just pinned

down by evil right now.
If you have propaganda to keep people confused,
and secret police to keep people scared, you can
control the masses cheap and easy. But the danger
is it only takes one fearless guy who sees through
the racket to cause major major problems. If the
narco-pervert alliance thinks there is even a chance
that you may be that kind of fearless leader, they
will preemptively ruin you, just to “err on the side of
caution” as one drug cop told me in an 8 hour
My family would do what I ask them to do. If that
was to give public statements. They’d do it. But
what I want them to do is let me fight this battle
myself while they take care of the kids I left behind.
They are the only ones who can salvage my
children’s childhoods. So that’s what I want them to
do for now.
–Schaeffer Cox

(Letter as received through R. Davis. With typos corrected and emphasis added.)